Everyone can use a Great Dane info site!


This site is the most helpful Great Dane site that I have found. After speaking with the owner of the site I have learned that if you go into their recommended products page you can go through one of their links to Amazon, Pet Smart, and other sites and order what you need then a percentage of the sale will go to helping Danes and other animals in need. Well it definitely doesn’t get any better than that. I mean if you have to order something why not let a piece of it go to a good cause. It doesn’t matter what you order it can be for your pet or anything else (home, sports, clothes, ANYTHING). As long as you go to the A GREAT DANES WORLD website and click on one of the online stores and enter through them that is all that has to be done. Order away! Contact me if you have any questions. I will do anything to help an animal in need and if this helps than I am happy to do it. They also have a YouTube account that has educational videos as well as funny videos that I think you will really enjoy watching. Subscribe to them today! The pic posted is the star of the show CLAWDELL!!