When it comes to puppies they are all raised indoors in our beautiful laundry room with their mommy for the first 4 weeks, once old enough they go out to our climate controlled garage that has a doggy door for them to learn potty training and the experience of the great outdoors. For the first 3 weeks of life they are strictly on mother’s milk. This is what is best for the puppies. We introduce baby food at 3-4 weeks old. Baby food consists NUTRO ULTRA LARGE BREED PUPPY food blended up with warm water, goat milk. eggs, pumpkin, and yogurt to make it palatable.

Puppies are dewormed starting at 2 weeks old with Pyrantel. They are dewormed bi-weekly. Once 6 weeks old they get a three day dose of Panacur which is a prescription from our vets office. All puppies go home with a negative fecal when at all possible. Some times they may pick up some tummy worms from playing in the yard before or after our vet visit. Do not worry! This is very common in puppies and something that kind of comes with being a playful, licking everything, puppy. A quick three day dose of Panacur or another vet approved wormer will be given and your puppy will be worm free again. Each puppy goes for a well puppy check at our veterinarian’s office while in our care. This is to get their first set of vaccine’s, fecal, full check-up and microchip administered. Microchips are pre-registered to myself and new owners for life. Puppies are available to go to new approved homes when we feel comfortable with them leaving. We like them to learn the fundamentals and manners of a Great Dane before leaving which includes not to harm farm animals and birds. All puppies go home with a puppy pack which consists of AKC paperwork, health certificate and receipts from our vet’s office, first dose of heartworm and flea/tick preventative, a strict return contract (that ensures they will always have a safe home with us if ever needed), a list of what to expect and must do’s, as well as our contact and our vets contact info. Microchips are administered at the first vet visit and pre registered with AKC reunite which goes into the world-wide data base for all microchips. Contacts on microchips are Garners Great Danes and our new parents which Shanna Garner adds to the data base on puppy pick up day. This gives the puppy a good healthy and safe start with their new family and new home. Keep in mind the first vaccine MUST be accompanied by consecutive vaccines given by your personal veterinarian. We will give you a going home list of to do’s that must be done.

We give a 2 year genetic health guarantee on puppies against genetic health issues. We feel comfortable with the health of our adult danes/parents from their health testing and breed specific screenings, not to mention we have owned the sire line of our Danes since 1998. This is why we feel comfortable telling you that the puppy you purchase from us is going to be in the best of genetic health. All of this helps to ensure a long healthy life for a Dane. For those that need extra comfort we are happy to give a lifetime genetic health guarantee. We raise Great Danes because we know our line of Danes are healthy and will bring joy to our new Dane families for many years to come.

If for any reason life doesn’t allow you to keep the Great Dane you purchased from us he/she is under contract to come back to our home. If you feel your baby will be better off in the hands of someone you know please contact us for approval of said home. We never want our babies somewhere we are not aware and have not given prior approval. In today’s world there are too many dangerous people and places an animal can end up. We do our part to keep what we bring in to this world safe and out of harm’s way.

We strive to maintain sweet, gentle temperaments, beautiful faces/heads, and a healthy family of Great Danes. Our dogs are all health tested annually and screened accordingly to ensure they are top quality for breeding.

For our customers that live out of the area and are unable to put a deposit down on a puppy in person we do offer Venmo, Cashapp, bank transfer apps, or Western Union and several other ways to hold by deposit a certain puppy that’s available, for you or to get on the early deposit wait list. Dad – Bobby Garner is willing to meet half way or sometimes deliver for a fee that will reimburse him for his travel time and fuel. Price for that is dependent on where you would meet or where you live. We would like to go ahead and let you know we have never shipped a puppy by air alone and never plan to. To us that is very traumatic for such a young Dane puppy. If by chance you are available to fly to RDU airport we are happy to meet you there and deliver your puppy to your arms with the puppy having pre-approval to fly in a carrier in the cabin with you. All this is easily arranged and something we have happily done for our customers before. We are also willing to fly with your puppy in the cabin to your nearest airport, with the flight paid for by you the new owner. There are lots of ways we can help you get one of our puppies into your home once we have approved you. Please send us a text or give us a call anytime as we are happy to go over the options.

 Garners Great Danes does not under any circumstances sell breeding rights. If you are looking for a Great Dane to have future litters with you must go elsewhere. We do have friends that we trust, that are breeders which occasionally have litters that they sell full rights to. You are welcome to contact us for more info.

If you are interested in showing one of our puppies in the future please ask for paperwork. We are happy to assist.

Waiting lists are always available for upcoming litters. Don’t miss out as they fill up quickly! 

Prices- $1250- $1800 depending on color and markings.

Occasionally prices are more or less depending on different factors.

Please see our Prices page for specifics!

Here are some photos of some of our puppies, before they went off to their new homes!

We hope that you will enjoy these photos of some puppies, after they had moved on to their forever homes!