How long have you been raising Great Danes?

Since 1998

When do you let puppies go to new homes?

Normally 8 weeks old after our first vet visit.

Do you have a health guarantee?

Yes. Our contract includes a 2 year genetic health guarantee.

If by chance we get a puppy and it doesn’t work out can we return the puppy?

Yes. All of our babies are under contract to come back to us at any time in their life.

Can you have the puppies ears cropped before we pick him/her up?

No. But we are happy to send you to our veterinarian that we use for ear cropping. We ourselves do not take to get cropped for our customers due to the post-surgery needs that new owners need to be aware of.

What is the average life span of your Great Danes?

These days we are averaging around 11+ years old with the higher quality foods and plenty of love.

Are puppies vaccinated before leaving your care?

Yes. They receive a full check-up, first vaccines, and fecal at our personal veterinarians office.

Do you microchip puppies?

Yes. Microchips are preregistered with AKC reunite which is recognized in every microchip database around the world.

Are your Great Danes registered?

Yes. American Kennel Club registered.

Do you ship puppies?

No. We do not feel comfortable shipping a puppy. We like to meet new owners face to face. Depending on distance meeting half way is sometimes an option for a fee.