Garner’s Great Danes is a well-established breeder of Great Dane puppies in central North Carolina. We are located 30 minutes south of Raleigh, NC. We have owned and raised Great Danes since 1998. Our two males and nine females are pure bred American/Euro Great Danes registered with the American Kennel Club. Our Danes are health tested by our personal veterinarian yearly to assure breed standard and produce puppies to better the Great Dane.

We recommend for Great Danes to be trained for indoor living and have the ability to stay indoors when they would like. If outdoors is what he/she prefers that is okay as well with the option to be indoors always available. Our dogs have their own bedroom and furniture in our home. At any time you will walk in and see them stretched across a leather couch in our living room or in their own oversized chair. They each have their own big round cushioned Dane beds that we have found at Costco (our favorite Dane bed store wink wink). They roam our ten acres with a few cats, goats, chickens, turkeys, and peacocks. They are all health tested annually and screened specifically for Great Danes. All of our dogs are AKC registered with the American Kennel Club. They produce different colors that consist of mantle, fawn mantle, fawn, blue fawn, blue, blue brindle, brindle, black, merle, and harlequin. With a mixture of markings in between. Each litter is different so a quick phone call or text will clarify what is available and what is coming soon. Our females begin having babies after age 2 until age 5. At age 5 they retire. We are very strict about these policies.

All of our adult Danes are on a strict diet of Victor brand (High Energy formula) dog food. We recommend when choosing a food for your Dane that you pay attention to the nutritional ingredients. Please ask us or your Great Dane experienced veterinarian for advice when choosing a food. They are gentle giants that deserve the best and the best will give them long healthy lives. Our puppies eat Fromm Large Breed Puppy food. The Fromm Family out of WI has formulated a Large Breed Puppy food with Giant breeds like Great Danes in mind. We have picked this food apart by ingredients and feel this should be fed up until 1 year of age. In order for our health guarantee to stay in place your Garner Dane baby must eat this when they go home. We are happy to go over different foods with you if you’d like to consult with us any time. GREAT DANE PUPPIES DO NOT EAT REGULAR PUPPY FOOD! WE DO NOT FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH FEEDING ANY OTHER PUPPY FOOD UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES UNLESS EXTENSIVE RESEARCH INTO THE BRAND AND FORMULA HAS BEEN DONE – PLEASE ASK US BEFORE PURCHASING YOUR DANE’S FOOD. WE ARE HAPPY TO HELP ANY DANE, WHETHER THEY COME FROM OUR HOME OR NOT.