AKC Name: Super Model Athena Garner 

A beautiful blue with small amount of white on chest 50% american 50% euro Great Dane, that stands 33" at shoulders, and 135lbs. Attie is color pure blue. She produces blues and harls depending on who we pair her with. You don't want to miss out on one of her puppies she is the sweetest most quiet of all of our girls. She will sneak up behind you on the couch if you don't know it and snuggle in within seconds. 


AKC Name: Super Model Lexi G the Lollipop

A beautiful harlequin Great Dane with blue eyes. Lexi stands 33" at shoulders, and 145+ lbs. Lexi is a ball of fun. She is gentle yet full of energy and ready to go with you wherever you  are going. Her puppies are merles, harlequins, fawns and fawnequins. She is a 100% american Great Dane with a beautiful head and big thick build.


AKC Name: Super Model Molly the Honey Bun

A beautiful fawn/brindle with black mask. She stands 36+" at shoulders, 165+ lbs. Molly is her Mommy's girl. She is 75% euro and it shows. Everything about Molly is perfect! As are all my girls she is loving, caring, laid back, ready to go, and everything in between. Whatever I, Shanna Garner, is doing that is what she wants to be doing. Molly never has puppies available by the time her litter is born. Her waiting lists are continuous. She is the envy of all danes and a very big girl!


AKC name: Super Model Chunky Chocolate Chip "Cookie"

A beautiful harlequin Great Dane that stands 33" at shoulders, and 140lbs. She has blue and harlequin litters. Blue harlequins and fawnequins are in her future. She is very sweet and loves attention. She likes to be a shadow and calmly walk behind whoever is around. She is the type that loves our whole family the same. Snuggling or taking a walk on the property is all the same to her as long as she is close to us.

Mommy's to be one day in the future...


AKC Name: FURTICK Danes Super Model Mia the frostbitten hazelnut

A beautiful sweet and gentle Blue Fawn girl that weighs 130+ lbs and is 35" at shoulder, her babies' colors consist of BLUES, blues fawns, blue brindles, Fawnequins, blue harlequins, and harlequins. Her wait list is continuous throughout the year.


AKC Name: Super Model Coco Chanel the Dreamy Blizzard - Blue Brindle harlequin DOB July 9th, 2016


AKC Name: Super Model Isabella the Great Izzy - Harlequin DOB November 7th, 2016

 Kydee and Lydia

OUR NEWEST ADDITIONS, the full euro, Hungarian import, solid blue girls - Kydee and Lydia DOB 3/10/17. We will be updating their info as they grow up. Stay tuned.